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Deacon Ministry

The mission of the deacon is to be of service and assistance to the pastor. We extend our hands to members in lifting up the name of the Lord and promoting the Kingdom of God. The Deacon Ministry also serves with the Board of Trustees to comprise the Official Board of the church.
Deaconess Ministry

The mission of the Deaconess Ministry is to assist the Deacon Ministry in serving the pastor and the church. In addition to this, Deaconess also provide comfort and encouragement to the women of the church as well our sick and shut in members.
Trustee Ministry

The Trustee Ministry is responsible for the overall oversight of financial management and building maintenance concerns of the church. The Trustee Ministry serves with the Deacon Ministry to comprise the Official Board of the church.
Ushers Ministry

Church ushers serve as doorkeepers in the house of God and guard the doors where worshippers enter. They pleasantly greet members and visitors as they enter the sanctuary; maintain order throughout the sanctuary during the worship service; and assist the pastor wherever needed
Music Ministry

The Music Ministry sets the tone for praise and worship during all worship services. The Music Ministry is comprised of the Minister of Music, all musicians and all choirs to include: Praise Team - Mass Choir - Youth Choir - Male Chorus Mass Choir
Pastor’s Aide Ministry

The mission of the Pastor’s Aide Ministry is to serve at the hand of the Pastor. We plan, and organize church events.
Kitchen Ministry

The Kitchen Ministry is one that strives to stay on one accord as they serve all with dignity to the best of their ability. The philosophy of the this ministry is based on “Unity of Purpose and Commitment to Serve.” They stand always ready to perform their duties as they have been assigned.
Media Ministry

The mission of the Media Ministry is to spread the gospel to the far reaches of the world. We serve the church congregation by ensuring that God’s word spoken through sermon, prayers and songs can be clearly heard and viewed on multiple platforms. Additionally, we provide communications resources to ensure the weekly messages are shared with our sick and shut-in members as well as our surrounding community.
Nurses Guild

Mission Statement of the Nurses Guild Ministry is the Nurses Corp Pledge
1. To pledge to serve God and humanity.
2. To pledge to maintain honor and Christian character.
3. To protect the interest of our church with respect to emergency care.
4. To render service to the best of one’s own capability without thought or return of compensation.
Sunday School

Our Sunday School mission is to serve as a knowledge base and a pathway to teach God’s word. It is a means of communicating truth and the revelation of God’s spoken word. It’s mission is to both enhance the study of the bible and provide a forum of Christian education in training for leadership preparation. Our mission is to teach young and old alike. God’s believers desiring more training and understanding of the word of God are encouraged to attend.
Children’s Church

This ministry is held each Sunday morning to teach our youth through age 10 about the fundamentals of worship service to include study of the bible, the importance and obedience of tithing and serving in other positions within the church.
First Touch  

First Touch Ministry’s primary mission is to receive and empower all that answer the call and accept the right hand of fellowship. Thereafter, our team works to prepare the hearts and minds of new members through new members class.  
Travelers Rest Missionary Baptist Church
1533 Cleveland Ave
Columbus, OH 43211-2743
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